Natchez Pilgrimage Tours: Why you should watch theatre

Going to the theatre never gets old and there are several reasons why the art form has been around for so long. These performances are unique in their little ways and they’re nothing like the scenes you watch in movies and TV shows.

Here at Natchez Pilgrimage Tours, we offer a diverse range of performances for loyal fanatics of the United States, with one of the most famous ones being theatrical plays. If you haven’t yet, here are some of the reasons why you should experience this amazing art form at least once in your life:

It provides intimacy

The undying debate of stage vs. screen may never end, but one thing that the former has over the latter is intimacy. There’s nothing quite like watching actors pour their hearts out on stage where they’re only a few feet away from you. Every emotion that they portray will be felt by you and other people from the audience.

Watching movies and TV shows on the big screen or your television will never capture the same feeling of intimacy because the screen itself feels like a barrier between the audience and actors.

It’s creative

We’re not saying that movies and TV shows aren’t creative but theatrical performances are at another level. With the limited resources on stage, the talented people that come up with these plays are forced to let their creative juices flow.

Here, you won’t find any CGI or big action set pieces. Instead, you’ll find stage elements that make the play even more engaging. From the different lighting options to handmade props and more, these things will immerse you into thinking that you’re in the world that they’ve established in the play.

It’s unexpected

Since the entire play happens in real time, you can always expect the unexpected with these performances. When these things happen, you’ll be impressed at how the crew quickly thinks on their feet.

Some would even say that this type of uncertainty is what makes theatre performances better than movies because it leaves room for improvisation. Improv makes the play feel much more alive as the audience is treated with authenticity by the actors themselves.

It provides a feeling of togetherness

As was mentioned earlier, watching movies on a screen makes it feel like there’s a barrier between the audience and the films. In theatrical plays, the audience is made to believe that they’re part of the performance itself.

It’s an entirely different experience in itself

The bottom line is that watching theatrical plays are unique experiences that you can never get anywhere else. From seeing actors up close to meeting them afterwards, there are several things that this art form brings to the table that are simply absent in other forms of media.

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