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Veteran's Day at Stanton Hall


Veterans Day 2018

Sunday November 11, 2018 at 1:30 PM in the Queen's Room of the Carriage House, Dr. Jim Coy will be presenting a program, "The Greatest Generation, Combat Fighter Pilot Richard E. Conner, III and Notable WWII Natchezians". He will be featuring the following Natchezians:

George Guido
Luther Newman
Adrian Trimble
Page Davis Parker
Mary Rogers Davis Jones
Elaine Lehmann Ullman
Lucius Butts
A. S. “Tip” Merrill
Dick Campbell
Bob Kuehnle
John Logan Jr.
Billy Simonton
Mattie Jo Simmons
Oscar Hardy
Sam Junkin Jr.
Bob Mims
Lawrence Shaw Jr.
Billy Simmons
Allen Simmons
Jimmy Swinny
John M. Jones

The Program will only be a small donation of $20.00. Please pass this message along to your family and friends, ESPECIALLY if you know one of the above mentioned Veterans!!

Location: 410 North Commerce Street, Natchez, MS

For additional Information, Please Contact the Office at 601.445.4420